Sunday, October 2, 2011

Warm places and open spaces

Over the last couple of days, Michigan has taken a big leap into fall. From the upper 60's to the low 50's. Though it will warm up some this week, chances of it getting hot again are slim. With the cold season comes thoughts of warm climates and sunny vacations. One of my favorite places is Moorea, in French Polynesia. My hubby and I went there on our honeymoon. I worked for an airline at the time, so we could afford to go. The airplane from Tahiti to Moorea was so small, that our luggage had to take a different plane! It was a beautiful island, sandy beaches, blue waters, and at night, the sky was so black that the stars were the brightest I've ever seen. There were few cars so we took a wooden bus around the island. We discovered banana pancakes, a Moray Eel, and that lizards love to invade huts. We took a boat tour and a dog names Freckles came along for the ride. We soon found out why. The hamburgers they fed us were, well, let's just say, not the best. We all covertly gave them to the dog. She was happy! But the grilled tuna steaks in coconut milk were yummy! It was a great trip!

That was my favorite place. What place do you enjoy visiting or where would be the setting of your dream vacation?    


  1. i wish that i can go to Bali (1 of a famous beach in my country - Indonesia) =D

  2. From Diane:

    Hi Cheryl,

    One of the places that I've always dreamed of going to is New Zealand.
    There's something about it that's always appealed to me. In the
    meantime, I'll just have to put up with where I live, (southern

  3. I was in southern Florida many years ago. We drove down to the Keys. So pretty! I envy you the warm weather. It's freezing here in Michigan!

  4. And the winner is from the Facebook postings...Tracy Helms Walden!

    Thanks for posting and I'll see you tomorrow!

  5. I generally like cabins/lakes the best. One of these days, I really want to go to a tropical island. I probably would not want to come back though.

  6. Hi Cheryl! This is my first time visiting this blog and it's a nice, cozy place to be! My dream vacation is somewhere in Europe. I want to visit an old-fashioned, and well-kept inn in Scotland or Ireland. It's funny but the place I find most relaxing is at home in familiar surroundings. Vacations can actually tire me a good way!