Saturday, October 1, 2011


Good morning! If anyone has read my blog, the first historical romance I read was Kathleen Woodiwiss's, The Flame and the Flower. I stayed up all night and read (and loved) that book. Heather and Brandon were such interesting characters. Later on, I'd heard that Kathleen had sent off this huge manuscript to the editor, who read it and signed her right away. I don't know how much of that is true, but can you imagine how exciting that call must have been for her? She and a few other writers helped launch a whole new romance genre with that book! I bet she didn't know how far reaching her influence would go when she sat at her typewriter, writing her love story.

What was the first romance you read? What drew you to it? What was there about it that made you want to continue reading romance?

I will draw names tonight at 10pm for a set of books. All the names today will go into a hat for the Kindle drawing on Friday!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower via GFC. I don't remember the title of my 1st romance novel. I do know however that it was my mother's Harlequin lol. I am so glad I read it :D I remember I was bored as could be so I picked it up and have been addicted to books every since :D


  2. Hi Leanne. Thanks for posting! You are the first name in my hat!

    Books are so addictive. Sadly, they can also lead to falling behind on laundry, dishes, sleep...

    Wait, what is GFC? Cheryl

  3. Drat. I'm having trouble signing in. Go figure! I may have to me anonymous for a bit!

  4. I'm pretty new to the historical romance genre and it is all thanks to Sarah MacLean and her Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake. It was very well liked my alot of my goodreads friends so I decided to try it and loooved it and am now totally in love with historicals :) I love the rakes, the ladies, the history, the dresses, the happy ever afters :) I don't remember my first actual romance I read but it started a long long love of it!

    Congrats on your new book! Looking forward to it!

  5. Thanks Lisa! It's great that you're hooked on historicals!

    I enjoy mystery/thrillers and light contemp's, but I always go back to the romance of Regencies.

    Tues won't come soon enough! Can't wait to see The Accidental Courtesan on the shelves! Cheryl

  6. I know the first real romance I ever read was by Victoria Holt. I can't recall the name, but it started off with a young girl being invited to a dinner party because the host didn't want to have thirteen guests. I fell in love with the imagery created, the dark creepy castle and the tortured hero, as well as the subtle thread of intrigue that kept pulling me along. I was hooked.

    Thanks for the Opportunity Cheryl and good luck on your new release!

    wlynnchantale at gmail dot com

  7. My youngest daughter got hooked on the Twilight series and kept reading them over and over. She asked me to read them, but moody teen vamps didn't appeal. I tried to get her to read Potter, but she balked. Finally, I offered to read Twilight if she'd read Potter. I knocked them out in about 5-6 days, and have been reading romance ever since. Mostly historical, but I do read a little bit of everything and have averaged a novel per day for the past couple of years trying to catch up on the genre.

    shihanderek at yahoo dot com

  8. I love you're books!

  9. Thanks WLynn! Victoria Holt sure did know how to make romance creepy-fun!

    derekd. I haven't read Twilight but have seen the movies! Vampire love! Have fun reading all those wonderful romances!

  10. I think I need to hire a assistant to handle all of my tech needs. I wonder if he/she would work for food? :-)

  11. I think my first historical romance was Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey. I was 15 and I have to be honest. I had nefarious reasons for reading it. IE I wanted to read the sex scenes. Then I realized this book was more than sex. It had history, action, adventure and of course love. But the first romance novel that I remember totally oohing and ahhing for was also The Flame and the Flower. It's what got me so interested in history and writing romance.

    Congrats on your new release!

  12. PS: I was able to comment just fine using Mozilla Firefox. :)

  13. Thanks Sidney! Johanna Lindsey was certainly another big name in that era. Those books seemed so steamy then, but might be considered tame by today's standards!

    I missed the part about updating Google. I really am the slowest to learn new technology!

  14. And today's drawing winners are....

    Lisa and Sidney!!Congrats!! Contact me at and I'll get the books sent out ASAP!

    Everyone (including winners) will be entered in the Kindle drawing on Friday. Good luck!

  15. i'm late T_T

    just found you a few days, my friend has fell in love with you book and now she is reading - the school for brides and recommend us to buy, because the book is so lovely and steamy =D

    good luck for the winner and everyone ^^

  16. Hi Eli,

    I'm still holding the contest all week, so I'll add you to the list got today's drawing. Thanks!

  17. Just found your celebration. My first romance book was a teenaged love story by Avon in the 80's. I think the title was WAITING GAMES. Since I read it when I was like 10, I was probably too young, lol.

  18. I don't recall the name of the first romance I read but it was a harlequin. I'd run out of my own books so my mom let me read hers. The HEAs kept me reading romance.