Friday, December 2, 2011


Good morning. A contest is in the works! I'll be giving away Amazon gift cards! Details soon!

Since I talked the other day about my Native American heroine story, I thought I'd post an excerpt so you can read a bit about my 'Pocohontas' book! Mistakes and all. The reason I'm posting them is to show my stumbling upward progression as a writer over the years. 

Late Autumn, 1756

The loud rumbling sounds coming from behind the make-shift curtain brought a reluctant opening of lids while Raven snuggled under her blanket and wished the morning light would flee for a few minutes more. Sleep laden eyes turned slowly to the window to seek out the hour. Through triangle shaped gaps in the sagging shutter, Raven could see that daylight was slowly creeping through the coal dark night, putting it on notice that morning would soon be upon it.

See, no John Smith! And no horse POV either! Yeah, progress! 

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