Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've been getting behind. I have over 200 unread emails, laundry is piling up, and I've been slacking on my blogs. It's difficult to keep everything moving forward when December demands so much time. We don't even have a tree yet! Plus, our carpet is getting laid at this very moment, we have to move half of our house into the new addition before Christmas, and my kids have all sorts of functions before school lets out for the year.

Starting after Jan 1st, I will be getting back to the posts of my writing journey. I have many things to share. There will also be new stuff, too! A newsletter is in the works and I have two new novella/novels coming out next year!

My contest is still on and I'm still taking names for the drawings. My question today was whether anyone was watching the new show, Once Upon a Time. If not, what is your favorite romantic fairy tale?


  1. I really like Once Upon a Time and even though I missed the first few episodes I caught on quickly. It's very entertaining and portrays the fairy tale world nicely.

  2. I watched the first couple of episodes but then just forgot about it, lol. I really don't watch a lot of tv, I just can't concentrate on it much. Reading on the other hand, I can do for hours! My favorite romantic fairy tale would probably be Rapunzel. I hope everything settles down for you and you get at least a little time to relax.