Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week One (and a half!). Book 4

I'm up to about 3500 words on book 5 and am feeling the love. I always like starting a book and this one is fun because the hero and heroine meet in the first sentence. Hint: She is mortified with what she sees! I also received revisions last week for book 4 and am working on those. I have a tendency to over think my editor's suggestions (I want them to be perfect!) so a few revisions can take me a week or so to do. For anyone who gets writers block, I know the feeling. Some days it takes a crowbar and a lot of determination to pry any creativity out of me. Today is one of those days!  

Tip: RWA National is coming up and many authors will be pitching editors and agents. My tip is to not only polish your pitch, but also have a really good (1-3 sentence) elevator pitch for a second book idea, in case the A/E is lukewarm on the first and you have extra time. It worked for me! I sold the second book that I pitched!

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