Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot! Hot!

It's been a scorcher this week here in Michigan! No amount of watering is saving my flowers. When those little plant sticks say 'full sun' I don't think they had this in mind. The heat reminds me of when I lived in Arizona as a kid. If course, I was not such a wimp about hot weather then!

I'm currently working on my 5th book in the School for Brides series. I can't believe it's only been a little over a year since The School for Brides came out. I also sent out a novella series idea to my agent is week. It's a bit steamier than my Bride's books, with a scandalous setting, but not too crazy. Hopefully, she'll like it. If not, I'll try again until something sticks!

Tip: To get in (or stay in) the publishing game, you need to keep going forward. Keep pitching new ideas, keep up with the market, never lose sight of the prize. And when you take a battering, mope, cry, eat chocolate, and then jump into the next project. Tough skin is required in this business!  

Monday, June 18, 2012


I don't know what it is about summer. My creative energy always takes a pass. Is it the heat? The fact that the kids are home? Laziness? Who knows? I do work, it's just harder to drag myself into the chair. Am I the only person who feels that way?

Not everything falls aside during the summer months. There are camping trips, swims in the pool, BBQ's on the grill. It's the time when I force myself to bump up the exercise, eat less comfort foods, and enjoy more fruits and veggies. Does it help? My hips don't think so, but I do feel more energetic. 

On thing that never loses energy is our cat. Currently he's playing with a toy mouse on the floor behind my chair. He's shoved it under the trash bag I'm using to clear off my desk and is having a grand old time recovering the toy. In a minute, I'll toss it across the room and he'll chase it. Then, as he is a fetch cat, he'll bring it back and we'll play that way for several minutes, until he gets bored and moves onto something else.

I hope he doesn't get bored too soon. Then I'll have to get back to work.