Friday, August 6, 2010


Wow. Last week was one crazy week! We arrived on Tues and planned to go to Animal Kingdom. But it was very hot and we were tired, so we just hung out around the hotel. Wed, I had a meeting with my agent. We talked business and other stuff. She is awesome! That night was the literacy signing and BBA (our local chapter contest). It was our first actual party and the food and turnout were excellent! I hated to leave early, but had to run over to the Beau Monde party. Sadly, I didn't stay long there either. I was exhausted from the busy day!

Thurs, I met with my editor. We talked for just over an hour. She's great! It was a good chance for us to get to know each other. I should be getting my revisions for the first book this month. Hopefully, a cover too! I can't wait for that! After was lunch (Nora Roberts was the speaker and we all laughed our fanny's off!) and workshops followed. I attended the Hearts AGM later that night. My friend Heather took some awards (congrats Heather!) and it was cool to see some male writers make contest final's in a mostly female dominated genre!

Friday was more workshops and lunch. I made sure I went to the Berkley book signing to meet some of my fellow authors. Everyone was so nice! Later I went to my agent's party and then the Berkley party. Both were fun! I don't have enough room here to give all the scoop, but let's just say, at the Berkley party, I somehow ended up at a table with some very cool people and was just loving it! It was great! And very surreal!

Sat was the workshop I'd been looking forward to most. It was about costuming. Awesome presentation. It's nice to see historical clothing up close. Took lots of pictures! Later I took some time off to go back to the room to read and rest. My brain needed a break! That night was the dinner and Rita/GH awards. I met a really nice fellow author in line, Roberta, and we sat (and laughed) together at dinner. Laura Griffin took a Rita (her books are fabulous) and I dragged off to bed about 10:45. Sadly, we had a 3:40 am shuttle pick-up the next morning. Ugh!

Got home, slept 3 hours and woke up with a head cold. But the week was a blast!


  1. Cheryl, sounds like a fantastic time! Wish I could have been there for all of it.

  2. Cheryl, it sounds like this was a fun and educational experience. Laura Griffin? You lucky dog.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I enjoyed the read.

  3. Hi, Cheryl. The post was cool, and so on target. My days were busy, too but I did manage to get to Animal Kingdom with Jodi and Kelli. I had an agent appointment and it went really well. I think I talked too much, though. But she wants to see the full of Docking in an Italian Port. I'm glad you had a terrific time. So did I. It was the conference of all conferences. Talk to you soon.
    Renee Alexis

  4. I was so sad to be unable to attend, Cheryl! Sounds like an awesome time - but, yeah, it's also draining since you're at it 24/7, and you wouldn't change a thing!! LOL! Great post.

  5. Thanks Patti, Neecy, Renee, and Marianne! It was a fun week. I think everyone was super busy and didn't have time to take it all in. Can't wait for next year!

  6. Thanks, Cheryl! Thursday night was an exciting night for me with the Hearts Through History award and the Daphne :)

    It was so lovely to see you again. New York next year?

  7. Yes to national next year! I'll hopefully be signing "The School for Brides". Can't wait!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!